De Mars 2022 à Mars 2023, j’ai parcouru l’Europe avec l’association « The Beit Projet » pour un projet photographique nomade : « The European school of Remembrance ». J’ai retranscris en images les histoires de 6 villes : Marseille, Bruxelles, Barcelone, Sofia, Athènes, Timisoara) en connectant les habitants à leur territoire, leurs histoires, et les enjeux sociaux d’hier et d’aujourd’hui.

Voici quelques images de la première exposition du projet qui a lieu à Timisoara (Roumanie) du 27 Mars au 27 Avril 2023.


The territory is a dynamic entity that responds to its environment, political and economic decisions, and the relationships established with its residents and visitors. The combination of diverse memories and experiences, past and present, paint a picture of the place’s history and offer insights into its present and future.

The aim of the photographic project was to highlight the social issues addressed by young people in the project by merging portraits and territories. These portraits serve as an allegory, reflecting the history of the residents and their environment.

The focus of my photographic research was interaction: with the six cities participating in the project, with a specific neighborhood, with the history of that place, with the local coordination and facilitation team, and with the participants and the themes they chose to explore. I used this information to créate images that reflect the culture and unique history of each city and demonstrate the connections between them and the current issues facing Europe today.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the partners for their trust in this  photographic project, and to all the people I met during my travels who shared a part of themselves to help me depict the social issues affecting our society through images.

Plus d’informations sur le projet et l’exposition sur ce lien.